Hey - nice to meet you! 

I'm Claudia, your NO BS coach who is sick of all the crap online and people telling you what to do all the time. I'm here to tell you that you DON'T have to do things my way or the highway.

After spending years following rules and looking for a success formula, thinking that there is the right way to build a successful life and business, I've now learned that strategy doesn't work unless you have a unique voice and authenticity behind it. 

This is exactly why I built a business based on my NO BS approach that is currently helping dozens of online female service-based entrepreneurs create authentic and profitable businesses.

I believe in cutting through the noise and becoming a NO BS CEO of your business and life.

I've often been described as "too young" for things. A rebel, a powerhouse. I left Romania at 18, I got married at 21 and divorced at 25, started my first company at 23, got my first leadership role at 26.


I went from terrible debt in my early 20s to now running a profitable business and helping others discover how they can run a business without the BS and making their own freaking rules. Your dream life is possible, I can tell you that much.

If you prefer videos, you can find an IGTV of my story HERE.

At 18, I got on a plane for the first time and left Romania with £800 and big dreams in my pocket.

The reality is that until about the age of 24, I struggled with imposter syndrome, comparison, feeling inspired often but never taking action, being overwhelmed by too many choices, starting projects and not finishing them. Oh, and so much self-doubt. I felt that if I wasn't good at something already, there was no point even trying.

That was until 2016 when I discovered self-development. I've always been curious about how our mind works but in typical me fashion, I never took any further.

That same year, I shut down my e-commerce business and I started working for a startup that aligned with my values. In 2017, I took 17 trips and visited 13 countries. I soon discovered I was great at brainstorming with people, I felt my best when I was motivating others and slowly started building a vision for my life where I could help other entrepreneurs.

I started taking online courses, reading everything I could find, surrounding myself with inspiring people and doing a lot of self-discovery work. And the rest is history!

Today I've built a sustainable business that allows me FULL financial and emotional freedom. Not only that - I'm on a mission to empower female service-based entrepreneurs to build authentic & profitable businesses without feeling constricted by the BS rules of what others tell you to do. I want you to create the business of your dreams!
Because I have a creative background but a business wired brain, I bring a playful and no-nonsense approach to my coaching. Let's put it this way - working with me is a unique experience that's going to transform not only your business but your life too! 
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