Career Coaching and Mentoring 

Do you want to develop your career faster but don't want to feel overwhelmed? Are you wildly ambitious and want to make it big but don’t know where to focus your energy?

You want to feel more confident, more capable and have more clarity about what’s holding you back in your career, what you need to change and what comes next?

With a
background in recruitment and HR in multiple industries, I have personally supported hundreds of individuals across the globe in developing their careers and have interviewed thousands of people for jobs ranging from entry-level to C-suite, as well as prepare them for interviews.

We will work together on unveiling what drives your career, improving your professional brand, working on your communication style, as well as building your
self-confidence, learning to influence in the workplace and boosting your self-awareness.

On average we spend over 90 000 hours working in our lifetime, which almost a third of our whole life.


Which why I am so passionate about helping individuals thrive in their career and helping them choose work that matches their values, their desired lifestyle, as well as identify the self-imposed barriers that are holding them back from achieving their true potential. 

In our sessions I am completely committed to tackling your challenges, ensuring your success and crafting a unique action plan for your happiness.


Using a mix of practical exercises, strategic and mindfulness work, your coaching experience with me will be tailored to you and your needs.

My program is designed with all levels in mind. Together we will be going through some of the biggest challenges in the workplace, which include: 

I will also share with you my top tools to help you succeed in today's ever-evolving work environment and most importantly, we will be putting the wheels in motion to ensure that you are creating an exciting career path for yourself.

  • Our emotional intelligence 

  • Ability to adapt to change

  • Prioritisation

  • Ego

  • Comfort zone

  • Management skills 

What to expect from working together

Your brand

  • Revamp your CV & social profiles 

  • Network assessment 

  • Work on your executive  presence 

  • Discover your work personality 

  • Improve your communication

  • Codify your leadership brand 

  • Discover what drives you 

  • Find a purpose-led career trajectory 

  • Explore your limiting beliefs 

  • Debunk the stories you tell yourself 

  • Understand what drains your energy and what motivates you at work


  • Expert interviewing training 

  • Promotion prep 

  • Coaching on current ongoing work situations

  • Salary negotiation techniques  

  • Management training for all levels 

  • Giving and receiving feedback 

inner needs 

If you want to understand my career packages in detail, please check out this PDF 👉🏻

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