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12 Weeks Transformational Coaching 

What if I told you that every single day, you're writing another page in the story of your life?

My signature 1:1 program helps you become the best version of yourself and reach your goals by adjusting your perspective, beliefs, thoughts, habits, fears, and insecurities. Re-learn how to be truly YOU.

This program is bespoke so YOU can transform and let go of whatever is holding you back and instead design a bigger, bolder life to match the vision that we'll be putting together in the beginning. 

No cookie-cutter stuff here.

Whether you're a solopreneur, an executive, a business leader, a founder, a freelancer, a creative or anything in between, my signature 1:1 program is for you!

Intensive Life Strategy Session

When is the last time you sat down to figure out what you want next for you and create a game plan for your life?


Successful people will take time out at least a couple of times a year to check in, reflect on where they are and create new goals. Why wouldn't you do the same in your own life? 

This one-off intense strategy session helps you do exactly that, plus I'll help you get unstuck and identify the gaps in your life. 

By the end of it, you'll gain clarity on what your priorities are and you'll be buzzing and ready to start working on everything that matters to you! 

If you're looking for coaching for your team, check out my executive coaching programme HERE



“Claudia was born to make other women feel better and positive, and in some enchanting way has given me the get up and go attitude about certain things for me right now.”

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