Important question for female service-based entrepreneurs who, despite doing #allthethings, STILL don’t have clients sliding into their DMs every week:

What’s the ONLY difference between a female entrepreneur who confidently and consistently sells out her offers on Instagram...


...and one who spends all her energy on Instagram with nothing to show for it, feels frustrated because she’s doing everything she “should” be doing but it’s not working, falls into the comparisonitis trap every time she scrolls her feed, and who keeps getting ‘friend-zoned’ by potential clients in her DMs?

If you guessed…


  • “she spends hours every day engaging with random people”

  • “she’s constantly in her DMs hard selling like a sleazy car salesman”

  • “she spends hours on Canva and creating content just for the sake of it”

  • “she takes 10 photos of her morning coffee trying to find the perfect angle and filter so her feed looks cool”


you’d be so damn wrong.


Cause here’s the thing:

If you want to see tangible, consistent results from Instagram –

you have to learn how to sell.

When it comes to Instagram, it’s not about WHAT you do – it’s about HOW you do it.

Does this sound familiar? Instead of waking up, doing some meditation, and starting your day feeling relaxed, you begin your days in the exact opposite way you want to.

Standing in your kitchen, with your hot coffee barely poured into your cup as you open Instagram and feel the anticipation ramping up. So much rests on that little icon – so much of your business and how you feel about it revolves around one social media platform.

The app opens up and your eyes immediately dart to the little paper aeroplane symbol where your DMs live – 5 new DMs overnight! 

You click on it, scan the messages you’ve received and your stomach drops:

– 3 notifications of people liking your reply to their message

– 1 hand clapping reaction to yesterday’s story

– 1 “Hey girl…” DM that you don’t even have to open up to know it’s from someone trying to sell their program to you.

And the thing is – you probably think that you are already doing everything you can to see results from your Instagram.

  • You show up consistently

  • You engage for hours every day with potential “leads”

  • You spend hours creating “cool” graphics and writing captions

  • You plan out your stories and record IGTVs

  • You put the majority of your time and energy into Instagram – we’re talking hours a day

But the truth is you’re still not seeing any kind of ROI because you’re not doing the one thing that you actually need to be doing in your business to see results:


The 4 BS Beliefs You’re Holding Onto That Are Stopping You From Seeing Results On IG👇🏻

Belief #1: Vanity Metrics Matter

Nope. When it comes to selling on Instagram and seeing real, consistent results every month, it’s not by having THOUSANDS of followers that you’ll get there. It’s by having a following of actual engaged ideal clients, regardless of size.

—  Name, Title

With all the time and effort you put into Instagram, isn’t it time you actually start seeing some damn results?

After all the time, energy, money and commitment you’ve already invested in leveraging Instagram to build your online business, you DESERVE to:


  • Wake up every day to DMs from ideal clients asking to work with you.

  • Spend your day working ON your business and doing things you enjoy instead of wasting your time scrolling. 

  • Not spend hours every day engaging on Instagram with people who are not ideal clients.

  • Finally feel confident about your business, selling and knowing that your clients need your offer, not the other way around!

The great news?
Knowing how to sell out your offers on Instagram without the BS is finally possible!


But making more money on Instagram isn’t just good for your Stripe account and your Starbucks habit. After going through The No BS #instasales, you’ll also be able to:

  • Create your own sales strategy meaning that you can finally step away from all the noise and cookie-cutter approaches and do you.

  • Have confidence in your business and yourself because you’ll know how to go deeper and lean on buyer psychology to effectively warm up your audience into hot leads.

  • Actually learn to love sales! When you know how to sell, you’ll realise that selling is not only FUN, it’s also the best way you can make an impact on your ideal client’s life. 

  • Start feeling like a real CEO. Once sales are taken care of, you can start relaxing and planning your next boss move.

All these things are actually possible for you as long as you follow my strategic, step-by-step approach that focuses on teaching you how to show up unapologetically on Instagram so that you can establish authority, build know, like and trust, and confidently sell your offer to an audience of warm, engaged ideal clients.


So, if you’re ready to stop struggling on Instagram and finally start selling out your offers every single time, No BS #instasales is for you.

And I know what you're thinking

“Who the hell are you and who should I believe you?!”

I’m Claudia, your NO BS business and mindset coach. 

After spending the last decade in the business world, I’m now on a mission to empower AMAZING female entrepreneurs by helping them cut through the noise & overwhelm so that they can easily make consistent revenue in their business by unapologetically showing up and selling out.

I am all about NO BS and authentic sales strategies that cut through the crap, get you off of the Instagram hamster wheel, and finally get you to a place where you make consistent, sustainable revenue EVERY.single.month – there’s no copy pasted pitches & cookie cutter approaches around here.

When I first started my business, I fell into the trap of thinking that spending hours a day on Instagram with nothing to show for it at the end of every month is you “working on your biz”.


It wasn’t until I stepped into my own authority, stopped acting like an influencer and started acting like a business owner and CEO, that I started seeing results like selling out my group program ‘NBBA’ each time, booking out my 1:1 services and making 10-20K months with ease.


Now it’s your turn to get that kind of results!

Introducing NO BS #instasales

The unapologetically NO BS 8-modules course that teaches you the principles AND the how of showing up and selling every single day on Instagram – in a way that brings actual results.

The No BS #instasales course is for you if you are a female service-based entrepreneur ready to:

  • Finally get your ROI from your IG – you’ve invested your time, energy and money into it, so it’s time to start seeing the results of that in your Stripe account.

  • Learn EXACTLY how to sell out your offers and how to intentionally use the platform so that you can feel confident knowing that even when you’re not showing up, your Instagram sales strategy is.

  • Stop feeling like you’re annoying your audience when talking about your offers – after spending so much time feeling bad for selling or like you’re being pushy, it’s now time to upgrade your mindset and step into a CEO role.

  • Start seeing what it’s like to actually sell out your offers on IG, establish your authority and start welcoming in ideal clients – all without feeling sleazy, scammy or pushy.

With 8 in-depth modules, bonus resources, and exclusive support in a private Facebook group, No BS #instasales guides you through the entire step-by-step process behind consistently selling out your offers on Instagram.

Here's what's waiting for you inside:

Week 1 - Mindset Mastery and Business 101

Straight off, we go back to basics to make sure you're setting yourself up for success – both from a mindset and a business perspective so that any sales strategy you apply will actually bring you results.


We’ll cover...

  • Instagram Metrics and Hashtags

  • How to Create a Sell-Out Offer

  • Confidence and Sales

  • Sales Mindset for Success

  • How to Price Your Offers (Bonus Lesson from Guest Expert Angeline Driggers)

Week 2: Become a Money Magnet through Visibility

Next, we take things a step further and get you showing up in front of your ideal client in a way that establishes you as an authority so you can cut through the noise and stand out in a sea of 'samey’ content.


We’ll cover...

  • The 6 Types of Content to Start Creating Today

  • How to Build Know/Like/Trust with Your Audience 

  • Systems and Batching Your Content

  • How to Stand Out in A Sea of BS 

  • Content Strategy Made Simple 

Week 3: Warming Up your Audience to Accelerate Sales

Now that you know how to create content, in Week 3 you’ll learn how to take your ideal client on a customer buying journey so that you can warm them up and get them ready to buy from you.


We’ll cover...

  • How to Find the Right Audience for Your Offer 

  • Buyer Psychology

  • How to Warm Up Your Audience for Sales

Week 4: From Followers to Clients

Now that your audience is warmed up, in Week 4 you’ll start becoming strategic about engaging and building relationships with your audience so that you don’t waste time and energy on the wrong people.


We’ll cover...

  • Creating an Ideal Client Avatar

  • The NO BS Way to Engage (Launch vs. Nurture)

  • Lead Tracking 

  • Daily Lead Generating Activities​

Week 5: Sales and Authority 101

This week, you’ll take everything you’ve learned so far and really accelerate your sales strategy so that you can confidently show up as an authority in your industry and start seeing results.


We’ll cover...

  • Selling on Stories 

  • Selling in the DMs 

  • How to Be Seen as An Authority by Your Ideal Client

  • Content that Positions You as An Authority

Week 6: Stories that Sell

In week 6, we’ll be debunking Instagram’s most profitable feature: your stories. You’ll learn how to use stories to their maximum potential and create bingeable content that leads to sales.


We’ll cover...

  • The Psychology Behind Video Marketing 

  • The Types of Content to Create for IG Stories 

  • How to Create FOMO/Urgency

  • Social Proof & Authority

  • Mini Trainings that Work

Week 7: Dare to DM

In week 7, we’ll be focusing on one of the most-asked questions I get: how do I take people from followers to clients in my DMs? Without following any BS sales scripts you’ll learn how to sell authentically while being a human being.

We’ll cover...

  • How to Start Conversations with a Potential Lead 

  • How to Nurture and Build Relationships in the DM

  • Pre-qualifying in the DMs

  • How to Transition a Conversation into a Sale

  • How to Send Out a Personal Invite

  • Handle Objections like a Pro

Week 8: Slay your Sales Calls

Selling on Instagram is great, but it’s not where you seal the deal. So, now that you know how to attract clients on Instagram, in Week 8, you’ll get the ultimate strategies and mindset hacks to nail the final piece of the sales puzzle – your sales call. 


We’ll cover...

  • The 3 Different Types of “Sales” Calls 

  • How to Run Your Discovery Calls with Authority

Plus, so that you can make the most of what you’re learning each week (and start implementing the tactics – and seeing big shifts in your sales – ASAP), you’ll also get these bonus resources:

  • The Instagram Stories Ideas Guide 

  • The Ideal Client Avatar Questionnaire 

  • The Authority Building Worksheet 

  • The Daily Lead Generation Worksheet


Access to The No BS #instasales Facebook Group

It’s time to finally leave Struggle City and learn how to make consistent, sustainable sales on Instagram – without the BS – once and for all. 

Join today for only…

Pay in full today


  • 8 in-depth drip-fed modules

  • 4 exclusive resources

  • support + accountability in our private Facebook group

  • BONUS expert trainings 

Pay in 3 instalments

3 x £179

  • 8 weeks of in-depth drip-fed modules

  • 4 exclusive resources

  • support + accountability in our private Facebook group

  • BONUS expert trainings 


⚡️ Wait – is this just another Instagram course?

Absolutely freaking not. This is a sales and mindset course and Instagram is the vehicle for it. Basically, I’m helping you understand the key concepts behind marketing, sales and mindset that you can apply on other platforms and in your business in general.

⚡️ I’m brand new to Instagram – is this right for me?⁠

Hell yes it is! I have created this course specifically to suit people at different levels in their business because these principles are the guiding light to your sales goals and really stepping into that next level version of yourself on IG – whatever that level is for you.

⚡️ Can’t I just keep watching your free content to get the same level of value?

My free content will always be packed with value, but you would never get even 10% of the transformation that you get through this experience. In No BS #instasales, I’m laying it out for you week-by-week, step-by-step, answering your questions, and really watching you make it happen.

So, what is the only difference between that female entrepreneur who confidently and consistently sells out her offers on Instagram, and the one who invests so much of her time, energy and money into Instagram with nothing to show for it?

She decided to stop struggling alone.


She decided to stop falling for the BS Instagram tactics and strategies and stop wasting time on things that make her “look” busy but don’t bring any reward (except a headache from staring at her phone for hours a day).


She decided that she was worthy. 


She decided she was done with feeling bad for wanting to be successful and make money online.


She started focusing on the thing that really matters – that brings real results.


The thing that is repeatable, sustainable and easy to do once you know how:



And, if you’re ready, that’s what I’m going to teach you how to do in just 8 weeks in No BS #instasales.

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