Leadership coaching & training

Being a business leader is hard work and intense at the best of times. Running in different directions at once, focusing on the business results, leading a team and ALSO ensuring you're developing as a leader at the same time.
often there isn't any space to step back to think about how to optimise your impact, which can lead to burnout.
Stepping back and reflecting is a key step if you want to lay the foundations for a successful culture, attract some serious talent and investment as well as become the best version of yourself.
As your coach, I focus on creating an environment where you can think freely, explore different perspectives and shift into a growth mindset.
I bring to the table a mix of my professional training in coaching and HR, experience as a senior business leader and elements of the latest behavioural psychology findings. 
In such a fast-paced and competitive market, developing your people has become a key element of running a healthy business which in return has proven to improve performance, engagement and retention.

My services include, but are not limited to: 

1:1 coaching

group workshops

public speaking

leadership training

event moderation

My belief is that there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter solution or one type of training to solve a problem which is why my practice is very client-led and every program I create is bespoke.


Each company that I work with has a unique combination of things they do really well, challenges and aspirations. 

My consultation process starts with an initial conversation where we deep dive into your current struggles and create an ideal outcome. Once I have a clear picture, I put together a proposal that we will discuss and adjust as needed to ensure we create a long-lasting result.

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