Do you want to build and scale a profitable, enjoyable, authentic & future-proof business?
Are you ready to gain mental clarity, start feeling in control of your business and exceed your goals?

Each business stage comes with its own challenges. And no two entrepreneurs are exactly the same. Which is why my 1:1 program is completely tailored to you.

We will delve deep into your current situation, your business vision and create a unique action plan to make it a reality. My coaching is always results-driven and I'll personally support you with strategic direction for 12 weeks.

Whether you're just starting out, pivoting, scaling, making your first hires, creating a new marketing plan, increasing market share, expanding your product suite, selling high-ticket products or creating more consistent income streams, I can help.

Together we'll close the gap between where you are today and the results you seek through the power of mindset, strategy and action.

"Claudia is brilliantly supportive of new (and not so new) entrepreneurs. She really listens to you and frames her sound recommendations in a way that makes them feel positive and achievable.


Working with her was both a delightful experience and produced specific steps to move my business forward."


                                                                                                                                    Sarah - CEO, UK

  • Do you feel busy but at the same time like you're not always productive?

  • Do you wish you had more monthly recurring revenue and less inconsistency? 

  • Do you feel tired of late payments & chasing invoices?

  • Do you feel like you read the business books, listened to the podcasts but somehow it's still not coming together?

  • Do you feel unmotivated, constantly worrying whether or not your business will work out?

  • Do you wish you knew how to 10X your business without having to put in10X the work?

  • Do you wear multiple hats, ultimately forgetting what your zone of genius is?

  • Do you wish you could go on a nice holiday without having to check your email every few hours? 


  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Time Management

  • Brand

  • Outsourcing & Hiring

  • Offers & Packages

  • Mindset

  • Money Matters

  • Systems & Admin​

  • Target Market & USP

"With her passion, commitment and vast experience we were able to understand and implement effectively what was needed to improve the business and make it more profitable.


She has taught us the importance of personal growth, how to focus on the next steps and has always been there whenever we needed her help. If you are thinking of taking on a business coach, I would say don’t think, ring Claudia!”

                                                                                  Marta - Startup Founder, Spain

I decided to work with Claudia because I really needed to find a “peer” as a business owner…someone I could talk to about the trials and tribulations of owning a small business.


As a result of working with Claudia, I have learned to take risks, feel more confident and understand that I know more than I thought I knew!


Claudia herself is a business owner and understands what it means to do the hard work of managing, leading and growing a small business. My work with her was the most important thing I have ever done to make my business sustainable.

                                                                                Ashley - Co-Founder, USA 

What's included: 


  • 30 min goal setting session to get crystal clear on the focus of our work together

  • 6 x 60 min intensive 1:1 coaching sessions 

  • Bespoke exercises and resources 

  • Unlimited support in between sessions 

  • Email follow up with notes and recommendations

  • Weekly accountability check-ins

  • Email support for 4 weeks after our time together

Are you not sure if long-term coaching is for you? Check out my one-off strategy workshop HERE.

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