• Claudia Mangeac

Four Bad Habits to Let Go of in 2020

Welcome to the 2020s!


You might be thinking of all the things you want in your life, your business goals and what you want to achieve, but how about making a list of things that don’t serve you anymore?

Think of it this way - to create space for all the amazing habits and plans you have in mind, you need to get rid of some of the extra baggage that currently use too much of your time and energy.

Here’s a list of 4 habits that you should let go of in order to build a more purposeful and intentional life and business in 2020.

Being a scatterbrain

Having clarity of mind is one of the most important first steps to building a successful business, having great relationships and generally evolving as a human being.

If you constantly find yourself forgetting things, unable to focus or your brain is jumping from idea to idea without being able to control it, in 2020 it’s time to take a step back and reclaim your mind. In order to quiet your monkey mind, learn to focus and be present throughout whatever you’re doing.

Practice mindfulness in your day to day life - and I don’t mean meditate, even though that can be part of it too. Learn to be present in every conversation you have, stop watching TV and instead savour your meal, really taste it.

This practice takes time to perfect, so when you see your mind trying to distract you, find a way to give it what it needs - maybe it’s writing that thought down so you can deal with it later, or just getting up and doing the task that keeps popping up instead of overthinking it at the back of your mind for hours.

By organising your thoughts and being present, you will start creating new connections in your brain, and instead, feel less on auto-pilot and more intentional.


Putting things off is might be causing more stress in your life than you realise. How many projects are you yet to finish or how often do you make excuses on why a particular chore can be done later?

When you keep adding things to an already long “not yet finished” list and pair that with an inner feeling of not achieving or failing, you’re going to develop a lot of negative self-talk and you’ll start thinking “this is who you are”.

Procrastination often comes from fear of failure, feeling outside your comfort zone or not in control, so I’d recommend the 5 seconds rule from Mel Robbins or simply stop overthinking and take a small step towards that goal or task. Action breeds confidence so the quicker you get started, the easier it’ll seem.

Fear of failure

As mentioned earlier in procrastination, fear of failure is one of the most common automatic habits that I come across in my coaching practice. And let me tell you, these are people whom from the outside look like they very much have got their s%*t together.

When you have big aspirations and you’re an overachiever or you have a lot of determination, it’s natural that your path will take you on some unknown roads. Learn to embrace it.

“Fear” is a learned concept - think about babies for example. They don’t have fear when it comes to walking in front of a car or speaking to a stranger. It’s only by social conditioning that we learn to fear what we don’t know. So unlearn your fears.

While obviously a sense of security is important to our identity and feeling comfortable, it’s very important to embrace challenges and become unattached to the outcome. Learn to face your fear and ask yourself continuously - what is the worst case scenario? And if that happens, what would you do? And keep it going until you realise that most things are reversible.

You’re a resourceful and resilient human being, so don't let fear hold you back.

Staying in your comfort zone

Comfort is a funny word. One person might say they’re comfortable financially or when you put on your PJs at the end of the day, you might think how comfortable you are. Which means it’s no surprise that we’ve learned to associate comfort with a positive feeling.

But let me ask you - how comfortable are you right now in your life? Are you holding back a little? Could it be because this path is a bit (or a lot) easier?

Are you really comfortable in your job or business? Do you feel like you could probably do quite a bit more if you just pushed yourself a little bit harder and risked something?

Embracing change is not always fun, but it helps you become more adaptable and makes your mind more active. More than 70% of our daily activities are automatic habits, which means that if you always go to the same places, speak about the same topics and do the same things over and over, are you really growing?

In 2020, choose one area of your life that you want to grow in and embrace the discomfort zone.

I hope this helps you think of the sort of habits, people and beliefs that you want to leave behind this year and most importantly, sparks you to continue building an inspired life.

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