• Claudia Mangeac

The Mindset Shift that Dramatically Improved My Life


You’ve heard it before. Life is all about perspective. What I’ll add to that is that it’s also about the actions you take based on that said perspective.

A lot of you are still standing on the sidelines even though you have all the tools to achieve success.

I used to do that too. However, since I started thinking this way, my life improved dramatically. If you learn how to think this way, your life will improve dramatically, too.

First, let me talk about what this way of thinking helps you fix.

Regardless of whether or not I know you, I can probably guess a few things about you.

You get frustrated sometimes when things don’t work out well after you tried something new.

You feel really uncomfortable being put on the spot about something that you don’t feel you know 100%.

Sometimes life seems unfair. This doesn’t mean you’re a pessimist or greedy. Sometimes certain situations make you ask yourself, “Why is this happening to me?” or “Why is this thing NOT happening to me?”

Maybe you have some big goals that have been there for a while but you’re yet to make some progress, even though you know roughly how to get there.

You sometimes feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel in your life

Every once in a while, you have a glimmer of hope that you’ll get this jolt of motivation to transform your life, maybe you even try to start this new “life path” thingy, but inevitably, you slip up.

Back on the treadmill of life.

Does this all sound about right so far, more or less?

Before I dive into the solution…

Deeply think about how your life will turn out in the next 5, 10 or even 30 years if you keep thinking and doing things the same way.

Are you on the path to purpose?

The Power of Imperfect Action

So what’s the trick I used to change the way I think forever and dramatically improve my life?

It’s simple yet devastatingly effective.

I take imperfect actions. All the time.

I allow myself to fail at things, be a beginner and sometimes look a little ridiculous.

Because I realised this. How can you expect yourself to know everything before you go out there and do it? It’s impossible.

What you do is you go out and you start. You will fall, but you will get up, fail, and get up again.

You keep trying and all of a sudden something works. It is a process of taking imperfect action.

One of the true secrets to success, is the willingness to take imperfect action.

And by challenging my own beliefs by asking myself “what can I try to do about it?” I have changed so much in my life.

Here are some of my results from taking imperfect & consistent actions: I went from working out 3-4 times per year to consistently 3-5 times per week. I started a successful business. I got visible on video even if my first video was the most nerve-wracking experience. I learned to pitch myself. I can say no easily to things that don't bring me joy. I've met some incredibly inspiring biz owners by just reaching out. I started writing even if English is my second language. And the list continues, because I'm not stopping.

All through the power of imperfect actions. Not any special skills or killer motivation.

So go out there, try things, analyse and adjust.

No one’s watching. I promise. Everyone's too busy worrying if what they're doing is good enough.

Plus the slip-ups will teach you a lot more than staying in your comfort bubble.

Take a step outside your comfort zone, find what you want and take one small imperfect step towards it.

Remember that a thousand miles journey starts with one step.

So tell me, what is one imperfect action that you could take today to improve your life and business?

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