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Welcome to the ONLY NO BS business coaching membership for female entrepreneurs who are ready to take things to the next level without the hefty price tag.


If you’re here, that means you’re probably ready to make a few changes in your business. 

I'm guessing...

  • You want to have a stable income and impact, but your business is stressing you out and you’re not sure where to start "fixing" it

  • You know you’ve got a gift to share with the world, but making it profitable hasn’t quite been the “work for 2 hours a day and hang out on the beach” story you see on social media

  • You’ve got big dreams and goals but you’re feeling overwhelmed and like your business has taken over your life 

  • You’d like to feel like a CEO, but you often experience self-doubt and feeling like something’s missing

And I know you're trying! 


You’ve been listening to the "right" podcasts...


You’ve joined free challenges that promise you “5K in 5 days” type results…


You’ve been trying to learn from others in your industry and watching their success stories but somehow…


It’s not coming together!😩

You’re struggling to implement all of this information and you wish you had someone who knows what they’re talking about, guide you, ideally without a huge investment, because the thought of that ends up stressing you even more!


The CEO Collective is a unique business membership focused on quality over anything else. Honestly, it's the support that I wish I had early on in my business.


Inside the business coaching membership, you’ll get:

Access to premium content that moves the needle

Accountability buddies

Personalised advice to help you problem-solve

A supportive community of women that have your back


What if you could have access to an expert who’s been where you are to help you build your business, without paying thousands a month?

And I know what you're thinking:

“Who the hell are you and why should I believe you?!”

I’m Claudia, your NO BS business and mindset coach. 

After spending the last decade in the business world, I’m now on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs by helping them cut through the noise & overwhelm so that they can build dream businesses.

I'm all about authentic sales and marketing strategies that cut through the crap and get you to a place where you make consistent, sustainable revenue EVERY single month – we don't do cookie-cutter approaches around here.

When I first started my business, I fell into the trap of overthinking my business, spending hours a day on social media with nothing to show for it and never-ending to-do lists.


It wasn’t until I stepped into my own authority, stopped acting like an influencer and started acting like a business owner and CEO, that I started seeing results like selling out my group program ‘NBBA’ each time, booking out my 1:1 services and making 10-20K months with ease.


Now it’s your turn to get that kind of results!

The reality is - entrepreneurship can be challenging and lonely.


The CEO Collective removes all the guesswork for you in business and also connects you to other like-minded women, so you can make new biz besties, collaborate or simply know other people are feeling exactly the same as you!

Here's what you actually get:


  • in-depth masterclass a month on topics like sales, marketing, business and mindset (the kind that people usually charge $197 for) + homework and clear action points to implement after

  • 1 live group coaching call a month- and don’t worry, if the group gets too big, we’ll have more calls a month, so !

  • 1 guest expert quarterly - and I’m talking paid experts that come prepared, not people giving you the same surface level mini-training that they put on their social media

  • 2 x coaching threads a month in the FB group where I’ll answer all your burning questions and guide you to build and scale your business

  • Private Facebook community designed to be your support network

  • Other epic bonus trainings, giveaways, live coaching sessions etc 

The CEO Collective was built with one thing in mind - not everyone needs a 1:1 coach all the time - sometimes you just need a sounding board, a supportive community, clear action points to implement and accountability. 

That’s literally what The CEO Collective will do for you.

I’m here (personally!) to support you with your goals. 

To help you with your confidence and mindset. 

To help you build that dream business.

To call you out when you need it. 

To keep you accountable on the things that matter to you. 


This is not a membership where you’re just a number - you are a valued member of my NO BS community. And don’t be fooled by the low investment - you matter to me as much as any of my other clients, and we’re not playing here. We’re here to make magic happen.

Monthly Payments


  • 1 masterclass a month
  • 1 group call a month 
  • 1 paid expert quarterly
  • 2 coaching threads a month
  • Private FB community
  • Other special giveaways, extra calls etc

Annual Option


*save 20%

  • 1 masterclass a month
  • 1 group call a month 
  • 1 paid expert quarterly
  • 2 coaching threads a month
  • Private FB community
  • Other special giveaways, extra calls etc


Am I locked in forever?

No, you can cancel at any time. Keep in mind, it does take time to see results with anything, so I'd give it six months first. Also the pricing you joined with mightn't be available if you cancel and decide to join again at a later date.

What if I can’t keep up and get overwhelmed with the information?

TCC is very much about implementation vs procrastilearning, which is why you get ONE impactful masterclass a month, alongside personalised advice and answers that work for you.


Does this include one-on-one support?

Yes and no. I will answer every question that is posted in our Facebook group, alongside the group call and coaching threads. If you feel you require a little more one-to-one time, I do offer discounted coaching for people in the membership.

Is it targeted towards beginners or more established entrepreneurs?

It would be beneficial to have some business knowledge, that way when you come into the membership you will hit the ground running. However! For those who have an idea & need a little nudge and community support to get started, it is still most definitely for you.  

What if I can’t join the calls live?

Not to worry! All calls are recorded and you get lifetime access, and I will take questions in the group for both the group calls and masterclass, so it's as if you're there with us!

Listen, I know investing in yourself is scary, but it’s important that you make the decision that your goals are bigger than your fear.


Also considering this costs you less per month than what you’d pay to get your nails done a couple of times - I’d say is a pretty great place to start!


So, if you’re feeling aligned with having myself as a coach and you’d like access to a NO BS community of female entrepreneurs ready to fire you up, what are you waiting for?

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